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Company Overview

Televantos Used Trucks Ltd is a medium dealer company of used vans and trucks, with 2 showrooms in the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, and a total of 10 employees working for the company.

After a long career in the field of transportation, George and Stavros Televantos (owners of the company) in 2005 decided to expand and create a company with the name Televantos Used Trucks Ltd. This company focuses on the import of commercial vehicles of all types from the English market. Today the company owns two showrooms in the capital of Cyprus.

The first showroom was opened in 2005 and the second one in 2008. Both of them are really successful and effective until today. Also remarkable is that the professional experience of the owners in this field is crucial as they have the expertise to choose the most useful and marketable used commercial vehicles straight from England market. Thus, according to the market needs, this business model has been really successful for both showrooms. In addition, their decision to focus on commercial vehicles and not on saloon cars has built a competitive advantage for the company.

The company name has gained an excellent reputation as well as solid and loyal customers that regularly visit showrooms to see the new arrivals of the company.